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Estonian Translation


Technical, commercial, legal, literary, academic, consecutive, simultaneous, Notary Sworn, websites, catalogs, manuals, student theses and so on. EstonianTranslation- Interpretation services in all matters.


Pricing is applied on the basis of 1000 characters (letters) and 1000 characters correspond to one page. We can give price for your project according to content and volume of your project. For EstonianTranslation- Interpretation price you can apply to our nearest branch office or you can get quotation by filling our "Online Application" form.


Translation quality is vital in the medical world. We are at your service in medical sector with our physicians, academics, technicians:  

EstonianMedical Translation- Interpretation subjects we give service are given below:

Forensic report, surgery report, analysis reports, research reports, scientific studies, scientific articles, scientific reports, medical report, patient information, patient reports, Disease, Hospitals report, Drug catalogs, drug patents, the drug , drug launches, clinical trials , clinical reports, clinical presentation text, Convention texts, medical equipment, medical devices, medical equipment, medical product patent, medical publications, patent applications, Prospectuses, Reports, Recipes, Health, Health report, Health certificate, test results, Diagnosis , Treatment, medical instruments, medical instruments - equipment, medical documentation, medical device patents, medical devices technical specifications, medical devices and instruments, medical equipment, medical books, medical conference reports, medical articles, medical reports, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, medical applications, medical product brochures, medical product licenses, license and patent medicinal products, Medical devices, medical books, medicine and medical products, expert report.


Written translation service is supplied by national and international legal experts and lawyers.

Legal and commercial treaties and agreements, correspondence, international agreements, distributorship agreements, minutes of meetings, court petitions, laws and regulations, court decisions, appeals, laws and regulations, power of attorney, declarations, patent agreements, diplomas, passports, identity, student papers, transcripts, YÖK equivalence translation  are examples of documents we have experience in this field.

Estonianlegal Translation- Interpretation subjects we give service are given below:

Regulations, statements, documents, papers, announcements, permits, petitions, resolutions, protests, petitions, Purses, Regulations, Laws, Specifications, Circulars, Applications, legal texts, legal articles, legal assignments, legal correspondence, Regulations, Decisions, Legislation, Records, Reports, Permits, Papers, Minutes, By-law, Power of Attorney, proxy, Probate ads, Laws, Treaties.


Do not risk your business venture!!!

Do not risk your legal translations, Trade agreements, distributorship agreements, type agreements, t ventures and agreements, agency agreements and representations. A wrong translation can leave you and your interlocutor in difficult conditions before the law.

SKY Translation office is a professional translation service translation services are given by native professional linguists of that language and country. SKY Translation office enables better communication with businessmen of the country with which you make trade. We offer translation and localization services to commercial companies and markets worldwide.

Estoniancommercial Translation- Interpretation subjects we give service are given below:

Certificates of Analysis, Letters of Agreement, Applications, Documents, Leaflets, Balance Sheets, income tables, Invitations, Assignments, Document, extracts, papers, bills, Ordinances, Sheet, Income Statement, Corporate Tax Return, Accounts, acquittal, Tender translations, Tender Specifications, product identification information, tender dossier, Process, Decisions, Scorecards, Affidavit, Identity, bill of lading, contracts, Board decision, Plates, License Manifesto, Trial Agreement, consent deeds, patent, Plans, policy projects, Reports, Official documents, Permits, Certificates , Certifications, Insurance, Circular, Contracts, Specifications, contracts, proposals, Assignment, trade registry gazette, Regulation, Probate, Correspondence, Regulation.


Because technical translation services are an issue that requires expertise within the SKY Translation office we offer translation service with our engineers, academicians, technical consultants who specialize in technical translation.
We offer our translation services    according to the expertise and detailed information of various degrees of difficulty with most correct terminology   with the experience of years and our business philosophy is based on customer satisfaction.

Estoniantechnical Translation- Interpretation subjects and documents we give service are given below:

Machine Translation, Technical Manuals Translation, Technical Drawing and Painting Translation Setup Translation, Technical Systems Translation, Laboratory Systems, Technology, Translation, Technical Education Translation, Technical Document Translation, Technical Text Translation, Test Translation Report Translation, electrical / electronic appliances, Table Translation and views, Licensing and patent Translation, Translation of Technical Specifications, Technical - Mechanical Tool - Device Translation.


We can translate researches, journal articles, theses, reports; homework carried out in all disciplines and all languages with our academic staff consists of professionals who work as translators. 

All kinds of academic texts are translated by our expert and experienced professionals and even, if possible, by our certified translators according to correct terminology and principles with the highest accuracy and timely delivery.

 Estonianacademic Translation- Interpretation subjects and documents prepared in all page layout and printing options are given below:

Academic Translation, Research Translation, Scientific Translation, Student Translation, Homework Translation, Thesis Translation, Presentation Translation Project Translation, Domain Translation, Publication Translation, Text / Text Translation, Diploma Translation, Course Documents, Student Certificates, Testimonials, Exam Papers, school papers, application papers.


Literary, philosophical, poetry, history, tourism, local, regional, country presentations, pictures, art, art history, exhibitions, ballet, sports, and other similar translation services.

All kinds of artistic and literary translation texts are translated by our experienced translators to target language.


With the developing technology to capture standards and work globally, web design for your company is the best way of advertisement to carry your company to global markets and potential customers with professionally crafted website.

In addition, as popularity of the Internet grows, your web site will be accessed by different nationalities speaking different languages. As part of the global economy, especially if you have international links, it is inevitable to translate your website into especially English, Russian, German and French and other languages.

According to the report of WIPO, at the end of 2004, two-thirds of    internet users of world will consist of people who do not speak English. So to translate web site into English for institutions, organizations and companies competing in the world in multinational platforms will not be enough.

Being aware that your website is your showcase, we prepare your website and translate into all languages with the required technological infrastructure and experience in a systematic way and design for you to appeal to international markets.
Use the advantages of website localization
Increase your global business potential
Increase the size of your market.
Enter new markets more easily and safely.
Create your credibility as a global player.
Your website is your window to the world.

A well designed website with well-prepared content will introduce your web site to businesses world and individuals in the world and offer them opportunity to know your products and services. Researches have proved that web users are ly to trade in their native language   four times more. Because of this, website localization is no doubt key to internet marketing strategy.

Localization: Translation of the One Step Beyond
When you decide to localize your website, it is not enough to only translate. Web localization, requires a complete transformation from one format to another in a completely different way. Together with written language translations also format changes necessary with the right connections and cultural differences should be adapted. 
This is really a daunting process. However, with the Sky Translation, you can capture global duel!

Speak the language of the Internet with SKY Translation   
Expert translators, technical experts and a team of professionals offer a comprehensive service at affordable prices. SKY Translation understands the importance of   global voice of your organization. SKY Translation provides localization services in more than 20 languages, including Eastern Europe and Asian languages. Whatever the size of your company is and your needs are we can offer you a suitable solution for localization.


Term control, the page format in terms of grammar or reworking process for previously translated academic articles, case reports, theses, other documents by other institutions or persons with reasonable prices and high quality guarantee.


Translation and interpreting services we offer for all business meetings, Business Agreements, Trade Meetings, trips, Official Openings, Launch Meetings, Cocktail, Business Dinners, Press Conferences etc.  

Translators sit at meeting table with participants and do not use any technical equipment. While Speaker is speaking after a few sentences translator takes notes according to the nature or amount of speech. Then speaker stops and translator translates the text to other languages. Consecutive translation method is used usually when such meetings are very short and technical, confidential or official and simultaneous translation cannot be used.

Simultaneous (concurrent) Translation; simultaneous translation service   that we offer in Meetings, Conferences, Seminars etc.

Our simultaneous interpretation services are offered to you by our experienced simultaneous interpreters with the highest ability in language knowledge and technical expertise with an advanced degree, diction, smooth speech talent.    

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is located in a room with microphone and headphone isolated from the external environment. He hears speaker’s words with headphones and simultaneously translates to target language; Translations are transmitted through the microphone to the audience. In an average six-hour working day, simultaneous interpreter translates the material equivalent to 65 printed pages. In a conference or meeting interpreters work in periods for 6 hours of simultaneous   translation in one day   maximum. Simultaneous translation is preferred, especially in multi-lingual meetings. 

Interpreters do not work alone in meetings in excess of 1.5 hours in any way, for meetings in excess of 1.5 hours a second interpreter is appointed. Working time of a two-person team of interpreter may not exceed 2 x 3 hours. In meetings total working time exceeds 6 hours   teams of three interpreters are involved.